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Xhilaration® Spoons Graphic Tote

Here it is folks. The Xhilaration® Spoons Graphic Tote from Target. There is obsessed, and then there is how I feel about the Spoon Tote. This bag is only $9.99 – that’s superior savings people. Now – we all know that Ms. Superior needs a bag like a leprechaun needs gold. But this bag is special and versatile. A simple white tote with silver spoons all over it. Adorable? Check. Washable? Check. Saving the environment by not using a plastic bag? Check.

Things YOU should do with this bag pretty at least once a week:



ü  Carry your lunch to work in it – so much better than “un sac brun”.ü  Pick up a few fresh grocery items in it on the way home from work. Groceries in a bag with spoons – SUPERIOR!ü  Library book bag.ü  Beach bag.

Superior things you should do for OTHERS with this bag: Make it your signature seasonal gift wrapping this spring (Wedding showers, Mother’s Day). $9.99 is a lot for gift wrap, but this is gift wrap that you can use over and over again. Plus you aren’t just creating more garbage to pollute the earth – because who saves gift wrap?

A few superior suggestions (feel free to mix and match as your budget allows):

ü  The Silver Spoon cookbook by Phaidon Press – the cookbook to have. Plus it’s called the SILVER SPOON. I feel faint from the sheer perfection of this combination.

ü  Any other cooking, gastronomy book or DVD that you think the recipient might enjoy. America’s Test Kitchen is a superbly superior present.

ü  Whole Foods Gift Cards (anywhere from $5-$500 dollars) – but any local grocery store will do just fine.

ü  Zagat Restaurant Guides – This is always a wonderful present – especially for people who have just moved somewhere new.

ü  All the ingredients for a fresh dinner: Fresh pasta, tomatoes, a chunk of parmigian, fancy olive oil.

ü  All the ingredients for a decadent dessert (even if decadent means Betty Crocker cake mix and a tub of frosting. Through in some baking tins and you’re good to go).

ü  Gourmet popcorn, a popcorn bowl, gift card to Netflix.

ü  Bottles of wine (make sure they are protected with something in the bag and aren’t clinking together – have some class for the glass). Wine opener is a nice addition as well.

ü  William-Sonoma gift card (any cooking tool or fancy kitchen device from this fancy store would work)

ü  Beautiful hand-towels, kitchen soap (eco friendly Mrs. Meyer’s would be lovely!)

Let me know any other superior ideas you come up with – maybe some winter holiday suggestions?