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Okay – so on your first date he was not the romantic creature you had envisioned falling madly in love with. We won’t even bring up how much beer he had to drink because he was nervous. And we don’t talk about how you had to drive him home. To his parents house. On your first date. But now that you are engaged (after at least two years of hard work and training on your part) and are rockin’ at least a 2 carat trophy on your left hand, you are probably looking back fondly at your first date and chuckling about how lucky Fiancé is that you deemed to stay with him.It is assumed that after the first catastrophe and at least 2 months of apologies, you have since been to more games together, sure, but more superior venues as well. Like the Symphony, the Wine Expo, two trips to the movies just to see James McAvoy in Atonement. And of course, being the sentimental chick that you are, you saved all those ticket stubs. Like you do.

But. Um. Where are you keeping all these memories? In a drawer? In assorted drawers? You forget?

Uncommon Goods as solved this problem with the most fantastic idea ever. The Ticket Stub Diary. Good for sports fans, concert dwellers and budding movie critics, we can finally securely house our ticket stubs for everyone to look at in a neat and organized fashion. It’s scrapbooking for dummies [read: guys].

Sure not a single person cares about these ticket stubs except for you and your #1 fan, but it’s nice to see them so organized! There’s even space to write about the event. In case it was your first date. And you couldn’t remember.