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Rarely are we ever prepared for the most obvious of holidays – the ones that happen every year, roughly around the same time. The big one is Mother’s Day. All of a sudden it’s about the second weekend in May and try as I may I didn’t quite get it together enough to plan everything I wanted to do in honor of the best mother in the world. Plus don’t get me started on doing the present shopping for my brothers.

This year, I will be prepared. I have a couple of superior ideas up my sleeve and I want to share them with you to make your life not only easier but superior to those around you who will be scrambling for Mother’s Day cards in just a few Sunday’s.

I want to preface my first suggestion with the following word of advice: not all Mother’s garden. You will know if your mother is a gardener because she will force you to buy beer to clean out the fish pond with and many times you have dropped by the house after hours of calling on the phone, fearing the worst, only to find her singing in the backyard covered in dirt. If you are not this son or daughter – please skip to any other post, but certainly NOT THIS ONE.

Some gardener’s are always prepared for spring. The have the tools that they pull out of the shed or the garage, they wipe off a little dust from the winter and start preparing in March. But who doesn’t like shiny and new – or heck, even monogrammed!

For $35.00 you can’t go wrong with a Gardener’s Tool Kit from Target (heck they’ll even ship it). Cast aluminum tools, detachable bag, stool for sitting down…and it’s only $35.00 which is pretty much a fabulous bargain!

I certainly can not pretend to be an expert in seeds, but a really nice assortment of whatever you think is pretty (be generous here; seeds are cheap) are a nice addition to the above. Throw a whole stash in a clay flower pot and call it a day.