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Reputable Travel Sites

·         Expedia.com I check everything through Expedia. Real, confirmed, travelers post hotel reviews, you can add tickets to shows (not always the cheapest prices – beware). Important to check on hotels other’s have recommended – and I always find the best prices on Expedia (they own pretty much every travel site, BTW).

·         Rail Europe Great way to travel (train – so fab!) and decent prices if you pre-purchase tickets in America before you go aboard.

·         EasyJet.com – book cheap flights, hotels, car hire for low cost travel If you are already in Paris, why not take a $80 dollar flight round trip to Nice for the weekend and hit up the French Riviera?

·         Sites and Attractions for Cities A great online source to get an idea of the best attractions, sites, museums, tours and monuments in most major cities. Plus their history, background information – everything you should know. Easy reading to brush up on your knowledge of a city.


France Specific

·         Holiday homes & cottages in France, – holiday rentals direct from the owner Great idea for large groups of friends or families who can stand each other for 1 whole week.

·         Nice-Pebbles Even better option for small families, or two close couples who want to share an apartment for a period of time.

·         RUHL PLAGE – Plage Restaurant de Nice – Cote d’Azur – Promenade des Anglais My favorite beach in Nice. Pricey – yes. Worth every single penny and the best thing I have ever done on vacation – yes. Sipping wine brought to me by the waiter, nibbling on salad nicoise on the beach at noon time, asking the attendant to fix my umbrella, using clean toilet and shower facilities, the option of a mid-afternoon mani/pedi or vodka tonic. Hello vacation! Did I mention this was worth every penny? About $25.00 per person, all day, and you CAN leave and come back if you feel like shopping during luncheon hours.