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Today is your lucky day. I am back again to talk about presents for Mother’s Day. I promised more posts on gift ideas for moms who are not gardeners, and I am here to deliver. How about some suggestions for the mother who perhaps hires a gardener? This mother is probably already socially superior, so we need to up the stakes a wee bit. This hurts me a lot, but I am staying away from Target today. This is a serious gift finding mission.

Mission accomplished! (My repertoire is far greater than you imagined, I assure you). The gesture of a letter or a card is always appreciated. I am in fact, a huge proponent of thank-you cards and personalized stationary. Superior peoples always have stylish and proper stationery. Thus making a gift of superior stationery is always in good taste.

A personal favorite is Felix Doolittle – this stationery is beyond superior (and the return address labels make great house-warming gift as well I might add). I use their products as gifts quite often. Their stationery can be personalized (obviously) but you can also have them do a rendering of your own home or office or dog or child or favorite flower (see Peony rendering below) and have the art put on every kind of paper you can think of. Even baker labels if you are crafty and clever. This work is gorgeous. And nothing says class and syle better than stationery with your house rendered on.

Mrs. John L. Strong – what can I say? You either already know it, or you are going to wish you hadn’t been introduced. Superior quality, beautifully crafted, ready to write or hand tailored to match your literary needs. Expensive, but to those who need a brand name, this is where you go.

Their Pagoda calendar comes with a small gilded stand, packaged in a beautiful wooden box. Now, this is a bit impersonal if your mom is a cookie queen. If your mom quotes the Style section of the NYT like passages from the bible, then we are on to something.


Those of us with a mother more apt to shop at Bloomingdales than clearance sales may also prefer to send a small snack from Petrossian (an Oprah fave). For only $290.00, a signature blue wicker basket is filled with caviar, smoked salmon, duck breast prosciutto, blini, baguette toasts, crème fraiche honey, cinnamon raisin bread, cranberry ginger cake, chestnut jam, Parisian coffee, and Petrossian tea. Yes, the do have cheaper versions, and yes you can pick and choose superior items: Foie gras, caviar, truffles, Sel de Mer. This is a really nice gift for the Mother-in-law from hell who has it all and has done it all and had the plastic surgery to prove it…

So many superior ideas to come…