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Knock, Knock Stationary has created the Take Out Menu Organizer for mother’s everywhere that are too god dammed busy to cook for you ungrateful bastards. I’ll drink to that and I don’t even have kids! Seriously, how many mothers out there work a full-time job, and have to come home and do EVERYTHING? And I would hope you would throw in some gift cards/certificates and package the whole thing in the Tote-ally Fabulous Spoon Tote bag. This is also a superior present for those moving to a new area – and you get bonus points if you fill the pockets with menu’s and maps to help out…

Wine (a.k.a the best present ever). Wine.com’s superior gift suggestions include wine of the month clubs. Wine.com has three different packages for your perusal – each sends out 2 bottles per month. For $19.99 a month, the Discovery Tour offers a great introductory lesson on wine regions. For $39.99, the Grand Tour offers a premium wine club to expand your palate and experience the world’s best wine regions. At $69.99 a month, Build Your Cellar Wine Club, will send premium, age-worthy wines from well-established wineries known for quality. (Some of these details I stole from their website). But I have used Wine.com often (as a give and a receiver – I do the Grand Tour) and it’s a quality company, service and experience. I love getting my wine in the mail, and a small history and lesson on the area/region. Wine of the month clubs actually are GREAT wedding gifts, anniversary gifts…throw in a set of wine glasses and you will certainly be remembered fondly every month as the gift keeps on coming.