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Superior Habitats is really about lifestyle choices; surrounding oneself and one’s family with fine living. I enjoy highlighting quality products, household tips, gift suggestions, recipes, cocktails and projects. No one is expected to live perfectly – but an overall appreciation for the superior things in life, is what we are all about.

I like to be the sort of person who invites people over on a whim after work and can literally open the front door after being gone all day, 3 friends trailing me, and find my house impeccable, food in the fridge, champagne chilling. Sometimes this isn’t possible (again, I don’t have children so this is a huge help, but I have dog who is about as active as triplet 2 year olds high on speed). But there are a few things I do to at least convey to the gods of entertaing that I am making an effort.

No one over the age of 25 should be without champagne chilling in the fridge. I get nervous when I go to someone’s house and open the fridge they don’t have champagne sitting there. And yes, under the guise of helping you with dinner I am checking out the contents of your fridge. Prosecco will do, but even more points if you have both. There is always something to celebrate – life is too short not to. Promotions, birthdays, Tuesday’s, no cavities, etc.

Superiorists have cleaning help; no doubt – if I could afford it I assure you I would be on top of that faster than you can say “vodka-tonic”. I try to keep my home pretty neat. I dust and vacuum once a week (although with the dog you really need to vacuum a few more times to keep up with the fur). Inevitably, there is always something to wipe up or put away or threaten to kill if he doesn’t get off the couch. What’s a superior person to do? Personally, I follow the 15 Minute Rule. Right before bed, I run around folding blankets, washing dishes, wiping the coffee table. 15 minutes is literally almost every commercial break in half hour time slot – totally doable. It’s always nice to come home to a neat house and even better to bring home friends to a clean house. If you follow the 15 Minute Rule every night for a week – you will be hooked. I guarantee it.

Food in the fridge. Yeah – this is tricky, which is sad. I will always have wine on hand, but there use to be times when I would eat tuna 3 days in a row. Two words will help you never to find yourself in a spot where you are entertaining without superior sustenance. Trader Joe’s. Their frozen food section is scrumptious. If you haven’t already – please try it. If there isn’t room in your freezer, make some.

Essentials on my grocery list? 1 package (serves 4) of chocolate croissants. This is so superior to serving cereal to guests who have to crash in your guest room because of too much fun the previous evening. You literally take them out and leave them on a cookie sheet over night (to let them rise). Pop in the over for about 15-20 minutes and hello happy! These croissants are flakey, moist, fresh, light and just incredible. Seriously – you will find yourselves with way more overnight guests than you ever dreamed of.

Frozen ham, onion and gruyere pizza – very flat, oozing with cheesy-ham goodness, done in 10 minutes in the oven. This is a great appetizer to start the evening, or as a late night snack after a long evening.

The Tiramisu isn’t bad either – comes frozen, you just let it sit out for a few hours (or overnight in the fridge). Secretly, I love it and think it’s pretty damn good for frozen tiramisu, but that’s totally embarrassing to admit it.

The spontaneity of having people over last minute, especially on a work/school night is indescribable. Some of the best conversations I have had [read: hangovers] have developed over evenings like this. You can’t really plan these types of soiree – that takes out some of the fun. Being prepared, however, to say at the last minute, “Why don’t we head over to my place for some drinks – I’m right around the corner”, is priceless. Everyone secretly envies [read: hates] the person who has it together enough to have company every night of the week if she chooses. And that’s superior living.