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Wine is all about your personal preference and taste. Often we consider wine a relaxing, sensory experience. You might enjoy a glass after work to help you unwind. I spend a lot of time tasting on my own with friends. A Lot of Time. But it seems that lately I hear people talking about the stressful side of choosing a glass of wine. In particular, while out to dinner with other people and faced with a ton of choices on a fancy menu. People talk about tearing up with joy when someone they are dining with offers to choose the wine for them. I can’t count the number of times I have heard people say that they really love wine but they don’t know anything about it – how they only drink white wine and are embarrassed about it. So what are you going to do? Should you stay home? Stick with shots of vodka?


I am here to help! I have a superior site to help you brush up on your wine-411 – even while you are at work (which, hello, is pretty much the best time to do anything extracurricular).


Before we do anything, let’s just get the elephant out of the room. That elephant is the “I only drink white wine” elephant. Some of you with a more experienced palate are gasping in horror right now. But in all honestly, people say this to me all the time. There is an actual “scientific” reason for this phenomenon.


When you first start to drink wine, most people prefer white. Often this is because white wines can be sweeter, lighter and they have less tannin. Tannin is from the seeds and skin of a grape, most noticeable in red grapes, thus red wines, and can often come from oak barrels where the wine is stored. Not to be confused with “oaky”- what we say when we really mean woody -tannins give you that bitter, astringent, puckery taste in your mouth. It is a developed taste. The more red wine you drink, the more you get used to the taste and experience. It is a fact that people from the ages of 24-40 prefer white wine and that by the time they hit age 40, people enjoy red and white wine equally.


Whatever your wine tastes, www.corkd.com is totally about to revolutionize your wine experience from this point on! This is a free website to help you become more organized in your quest to improve your wine knowledge. With your email address you create an account and user name to catalog, rate and review wines. You can create shopping lists of wines you want to try next time you are at the store. You can invite your friends to become drinking buddies and you can recommend wines and receive recommendations as well. I like this site because it helps me keep track of everything I want to drink, everything I have been drinking, it’s super easy, and I can do it at work or at home, then print out my list and hit the store.


Check it out and let me know what you think!