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My sig-ot has read Oprah’s Living with Less Challenge, made ghastly comments about the family portrayed on Oprah, and declared the whole challenge “stupid”. Which is totally expected and I’m fine with that. ‘Cause we are still doing Oprah’s challenge!

In trying to stick to our theme of Superior Living, I want to apply some of the challenge to a previous post on having people over on a whim. As Superiorists, we love to socialize. We have friends, including friends at work, that we probably go out with on a Friday night. Between the downtown area and my house, work lies smack in the middle. So, for us, trekking to my house is pretty easy (plus I have plenty of parking, which we don’t have downtown). So why not have my friends over after work on Friday?

I think that at the root of Oprah’s challenge that I have been participating in (okay, for seriously, less than 24 hours) is the message of just cutting back. If you are following some of my brilliant posts, your freezer is pre-stocked, the champagne is chilling and rug was vacuumed last night. But seriously, this is an easy way to add in a little Oprah love. For example, out at a bar, you can’t be sure they are recycling your bottles – and alcoholic beverages come in glass bottles that can be recycled if you’re at home. (Why did you pause? They do come in glass bottles right? Stop and ask yourself – does my booze come in plastic containers? If you can answer yes to that question, you need to back slowly away from the computer, run home and IMMEDIATELY rectify this situation.)

Superior persons also use bright cloth napkins and real plates and silverware for guests – so no trash. (Not ever just the wedding china; melamine looks adorable, tons of patterns, is inexpensive and is so lightweight – perfect for summer!) At a bar or restaurant you may visit on a Friday night, they often use paper napkins and even paper coasters. This is all trash that multiplies by about 200 people every night. Also, think of all the gas you used to travel there, the money for parking, paying double what you would at home for bar food and cheap beer, tipping the waitress, covering the cheap friend who didn’t leave enough money, less than stellar bathrooms… A Friday night with your friends at home isn’t starting to sound so bad – especially if there is a nice outdoors space you can all relax in.

Yes – you do deserve to go out and have a great evening – and waitresses deserved to be over tipped, but sometimes you need a financial and mental break. And having friends over to your place can be just the ticket – if you are prepared. (If you aren’t prepared and starting to stress about people seeing your house – GO OUT. Spend the money to save yourself the mental anguish.)