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Sadly, today is probably the first day in a very long time, that I have actually had angry feelings toward Oprah. I wish she would keep her stupid challenges to herself. If I had a chef, gardener, maid and 4000 thread count Pratesi sheets, this would be a lot easier. What I really want to know is – how is Oprah doing on this challenge? Are all the lights in all her houses turned off at night? Are her laundry people on hiatus? Is the chauffer washing the car before he drives Oprah? I doubt it!

Mainly, I am the angriest with Moi, for offering to follow this challenge. Living in complete denial was actually working really well for me. And, because I had to work until 9pm last night, I haven’t actually explained to my significant other that we are on this challenge (honey, aren’t you reading this?!) because I am afraid of the reaction.

‘twas not an auspicious start by any means. I did feast on leftover (homemade) soup for lunch. But I couldn’t finish the whole tupperware container, I was too full, and since the soup was totally 4 days old anyways – sorry, kind of gross (or is that normal and I am just wasteful! Stupid Oprah!) – I just tossed it. I did buy a big gulp diet soda (plastic cup, recyclable – so no can). So I am counting that as food, because remember? We can’t buy anything on this challenge?

I have a water bottle that I refill from my Brita filter at home. So praise Oprah, I did okay on this one.

I used about 262 paper towels at work, which is so sad and embarrassing. In fact, I waste so many, so often, that until I re-read the rules right now, it totally never dawned on me. I said it before, “I love paper towels” but what I really meant is that paper towels to me are like the ring to Frodo, if you know what I am saying… It’s totally unhealthy. I used one or two at home – which is beyond exceptionally good for me, however, I definitely took one large one this morning to wrap around my coffee mug (OXO brand –it can leak – I mean, okay, it didn’t this time, but I have spilled before!). And I used a paper cup even though in my post yesterday I went on and on about how I don’t use those. I forgot about the last 10 mini-cups sitting in the drawer…and then I thought – “do I run water to wash a cup or just use the paper ones?” See what Oprah has done?

I worked 12.5 hours yesterday, most of what I do is online – so it’s hard to cut power that way, but when I got home from work, I did watch only an hour of television. Then I had to go to bed. I never keep my phone charger plugged in while I am not home – so I get bonus points for that.

I didn’t do laundry, but I did put the wet clothes in the dryer, finally. So. I guess I did do laundry. I don’t know what my issue is – I can totally start the laundry, but I hate to finish it. God forbid I walk down the stairs to put clothes in the dryer. So minus half a point for dryer usage (and I did clean out the lint thing to keep the machine running at optimal power).

My sig-ot is drawn to bright light like a moth to a Janet Jackson song (anyone?anyone?). What I like to do is keep a small table lamp on the counter in the kitchen at night when no one is in there. This saves the overhead light, runs less electricity and emits a nice low light (so the dog can see his food when he eats). This is the only light on that entire side of the house at night. Of course, when I came home from work, ever light on the house was on, and I had to turn them all off, muttering curses under my breath.

We unfortunately also left the front hallway light on ALL NIGHT. And this is actually my fault – even though I was thisclose to screaming about it this morning. Good thing I stopped and actually thought about it for a minute (so OW gets props for making me stop and think!)…

I shower in 5 minutes flat, but my sig-ot is another story. Normally it’s 15 minutes, but today I was walking the dog, so I can’t confirm the time. However, when I got home, sig-ot was out of the shower and the bed was made.

Again – worked till 9 so no time to buy anything (other than a big gulp – which is food). This weekend, a holiday weekend – it’s going to be so SO hard. I do feel little bit shocked over the amount of waste I create at work. So I feel good about being aware that I am a huge threat to the environment.

Anyone else on this challenge and hating Oprah?