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Yesterday I left you with a small rant about co-workers insisting on homemade treats at staff parties. I find it in poor taste to be so picky about items kindly brought in by staff, and commented on how I might even prefer to have a tasty treat carefully concocted by the pro’s at Whole Foods. There are some mean bakers at Whole Foods…

Alas, what did I do last night? I went home and made a lemon-vanilla tea cake and some M&M muffins. From scratch. Ms. Superiority indeed did have all the ingredients already in her pantry and felt the urge to bake for her co-workers as a small Friday treat. (And for her sig-ot who she forgot is traveling for business all weekend and barely had even a taste of these fancy treats). Sometimes Ms. Superiority has serious domestic urges and feels the need to bake for everyone.

Baking really is a science – you need to pretty much follow the instructions and not “eyeball” the flour or your baked goods will taste a wee bit “flour-y”. This is exactly what I didn’t do – measure carefully enough – and now there is a residual flour taste – maybe even imperceptible to my ravenous co-workers who didn’t have breakfast – but still there. I have gotten lots of compliments though, which is very kind.

The muffin recipe (which I don’t have on me right now AND I can’t find online) that I used is actually a crazy simple recipe from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine. It took about 30 minutes all together, including baking. The recipe is a standard muffin (I used vanilla flavoring but you could use anything) and you can stir in blueberries, cranberries, bananas, peanut butter chips – whatever you want. I was using up M&M’s from Easter which added a nice colored element to the muffins in a 4 year old kind of way. Plus, you can freeze these muffins and take them out as needed.

I actually really loved this recipe because it was so simple and you could throw anything you want into the batter and have fresh muffins immediately. What a fabulous idea for company or more specifically, company that drops on by spur of the moment – you can whip up some fresh muffins while you are boiling water for tea (or opening up some champagne!). Superior people don’t always have time to bake. Should they be so inspired, however, and be willing to spend some of their precious minutes in the kitchen, this recipe is totally the way to go. Please email me for the recipe: Superiorhabitat@gmail.com