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A close friend of mine (who lives in another state) is having a baby.  Words can not describe how happy I am for her and her husband, as well as my joy and starting lists and plans for a fall baby shower! In fact, I have already told our circle of friends that I would love to host the baby shower, if no one objected (and of course if anyone does, may they be full aware of the wrath of Ms. Superiority when she doesn’t get to play hostess). I am already starting to look at some more, earthy-crunchy baby shower ideas, in honor of my friends who tends to swing more towards cloth diapers, granola and midwives. Picture it: fall, nature, lots of greens, yellows and neutrals (they want to keep the sex of the baby a surprise). I have a ton of ideas that I will share with you as we progress and I am eagerly awaiting any ideas you may want to share. And I can’t wait to have the living room and dining room painted to match the shower theme! (just kidding honey!)

But for today’s post I want to concentrate on the other friends who do not share my keen enthusiasm for our friend’s first child (in fact, the gang’s first baby among our social circle). At a recent lunch with just the locals, we discussed the baby’s arrival and our feelings about the situation. One friend is on team Superiority for sure: her direct quote was “We are going to spoil that baby rotten!” I tend to agree. This is a celebration! But a few friends were glum about the whole thing and worried about how a baby was going to change our friend. Everything will be about the baby, no more group vacations with just us couples and no more single nights with just the girls!

In my baby-shower adrenaline fueled conversation with pregnant friend, I didn’t really think much about this. My priority when she told me was to sound and act as enthusiastic as possible.  I wanted her to know that I was there for her to help in any way I can! Preggers didn’t need any opinions from me as far as timing and preparedness. The baby is on its way. End of story.  She also doesn’t need a reminder about how the friendship dynamic might change. I mean, Preggers isn’t stupid and she has enough to worry about.

I am curious about how others have responded when this has happened within their group of friends, especially the woman who were actually pregnant. What’s the best way to go about making sure everyone (especially preggers) is comfortable for the next 6 months or so…