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Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Ms. Superiority has made multiple suggestions on gifts for the more posh mom as well as your backyard gardening mom. I have also offered some fabulous token gift ideas, for those who need just a little something for a mother-in-law or even a mother-in-law-to-be…

For some mothers, it’s all about the stomach. And yes, there are multiple ways you go address this: gift certificates to a nice a restaurant immediately come to mind. For Superiorists, we tend to think a bit grander and a bit more over the top. After all this is your mother (or the mother of your children) and you need to think grand (jewelry always works here, BTW).

Two fabulous hits for some mothers I know involve what else but Ice Cream. There are two outrageously beyond fabulous ice cream places that will deliver to your mother’s doorstep…and they offer a fine selection of gourmet, homemade ice cream.

Option A: Graeters from Ohio. Prices vary from $50 to $90 for 6 pints, and $80 to $130 for 12 pints, depending on the shipping area. Saturday Deliveries are extra. You must try the coconut chip, caramel and strawberry…ohh and don’t forget black raspberry chip…and in the fall/winter their pumpkin ice cream is To. Die. For. Seriously. This is a fabulous gift especially for women with children still at home, because they can help her enjoy (FYI: no woman without people or children around her wants 6 pint of ice cream).

Option B: Jeni’s Ice Cream. Prices run about $85 for 9 pints (before shipping) of their signature favorites, and $70 for 6 pints – your choice. Can you imagine receiving Pistachio and Ashland County Honey ice cream? Strawberry Rose Petal? Grapefruit and Hibiscus? Too outrageous and beyond fabulous – this is a great gift to send to mom’s works so again, she can share, but more importantly, think how grand mom looks to all the co-workers? Superior!

Signature 9 from Jeni’s

• Salty Caramel
• Gravel Road
• Dark Cocoa Gelato
• Pistachio & Ashland County Honey
• Black Coffee
• Thai Chili
• Lemon Yogurt
• Queen City Cayenne
• Fresh Sorbet of the Day

The important thing to remember is that Ice Cream says fun, sweet, tasty, kindness and joy – it’s the perfect spring/summer indulgence and most mom’s would get a kick out of this treat. If you mom is a dieter, think twice (or again, send to a group location). Ice Cream isn’t cheap when you ship it, obviously, and I do have to caution that another small token of love might be appropriate here (think something that won’t melt).

Ice Cream bowls and spoons perhaps from Target? Williams & Sonoma Ice Cream Maker (on sale!)? Jewelry?