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Ms. Superior is shocked to have to even report on this terrible new trend that has popped up recently. I hate to even bring something like this up – it’s so shocking and horrible.

I have heard two really terrible stories involving weddings and gifts. The first story: When my friend E got married, T gave her a check. Well, the check bounced and cost E. $35.00. T never made reparations or called to apologize or anything. So no gift for E, and in fact, she is stuck with the fee.

Another couple I know got married last summer, and have still yet to receive a gift from close, wealthy friends who are now themselves getting married this summer.  Well, what do they get for a gift? Should they just not bother? Do two wrongs make a right? And of course, being wealthy does not mean you should have to pay for your friends honeymoon. My point is that the future bride and groon who have yet to gift, are not struggling artists or having financial difficulties…

In both of these situations, a compromise is in order. Ms. Superiority would never suggest sinking so far down as to even be remotely near the level of rudeness achieved by these people. Two wrongs do not make a right. And remember, it’s not that they didn’t give a $400 Kitchen Aid mixer, it’s that they didn’t even bother to write a card of congratulations…

Of course, I also do not approve of you sending an outrageous gift to prove that you are not as cheap as they are. I would never go above and beyond in these instances. But a smaller, superior present will suffice enough to say, “Congratulations – we did at least make a small effort to think of you”.

Some superior, yet small, ideas:

Tiffany’s Crystal Plate ($45): I like this because it still comes in a nice Tiffany’s box. You look grand and far superior to others carrying this present into the ceremony. Plus, no one will ever know how much you spent – for all they know it’s a $2000 vase.

Pottery Barn Throw Blanket ($59): Assorted colors to choose from, machine washable and not budget breaking. This is a simple gift, but again, comes in a nice box and looks more expensive than it really is.

“I Do” Frame ($20): Hi. This is a cute, silver, $20 frame! Can it get any better? Nothing says screw you than a simple picture frame! In all seriousness this is a really cute small token even if you really like the couple and are giving them a nice fat check.

Coffee Table Book ($30): This is simple suggestion. A book can be a great gift. Choose a topic like where they will be honeymooning (Martha’s Vineyard perhaps). Be sure to dedicate the book to your favorite couple (so they can’t return it).