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This morning, after 2 weeks on the road traveling for work, I went online seeking inspiration for a nice post. I came upon an article at RealSimple.com on travel bags: “Chic carry-ons that let you travel stress free”. Obviously having come back from recent travels, I immediately clicked on the link.


Now I love Real Simple and I love a lot of the ideas that they offer. I am a huge fan! However, on this instance, I was pretty surprised. Of all the bags, all the carry-on bags for planes or trains, in the entire US of A, these are the three bags Real Simple came up with?


First of all, the Tumi Voyager Lightweight Weekender is $450. If you have $450 to spend on a carry-on, why not just a get a Louis Vuitton? Seriously? Why this hideous yellow bag. Yellow my friends should be the color of the sun and maybe a kitchen wall. But not a bag that is going to get filthy on any type of transportation.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Expandable Carry-On Much more affordable at $112 dollars, but just so you know? This is a roll-on suitcase. So why not pick up a cheaper version at Target and save the money for a cute pair of shoes? Yes, it has style and it’s cute, but it will also be squeezed into an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. Remember that.


Again, $415 for the Samsonite Black Label Duffel. Seriously Real Simple? Were there no $50 bags for the taking anywhere at the time this article got okayed? How much money does this blogger make that she can spend that kind of cash on a travel bag? I would really like to know what type of carry-on they use in REAL life.


I travel a lot, and I understand the need for a quality bag that can withstand a lot of movement and mismanagement by not only the baggage people (no offense), but other bags squashed with mine in an overhead compartment. Quality counts – it really does. I have had really nice suitcases ruined by grease and oil on the outside, completely save my Burberry coat. I could have kissed its grease covered wheels! However, $100 should be able to get you a quality bag (or really, 2 bags) at Target or a similar store. Save the money you would spend on a $500 bag for souvenirs or a nice dinner out or both for crying out loud! Not on a bag for traveling.