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Rice Milk.

Totally a weird subject to blog about, but I am a huge fan and I wanted to share with all the benefits of rice milk as a dairy substitute. Also, Oprah is going vegan for 21 days and you know how I get when Oprah does a challenge: I have to do the challenge and so does my significant other.

Now, those who know me know that I am a huge fan of both cheese and ice cream – so I am certainly not anti-cow. But I never grew up drinking milk because I have allergies. And I don’t care what medical degree you have (or don’t have), milk is a huge aggravator of allergies of any kind. And dairy when you are sick, especially as a child, is a huge irritant. I realize that not giving your children milk is the equivalent of moving your child to Afghanistan, but I think we all need to get over it.

Anyways – Google it yourselves, the experts can do a much better job than I can explaining to you why humans are the only specifies who continue to drink milk after babyhood. Yeah – just so you know – cows don’t drink milk. Although if they could, they would certainly enjoy some ice cream.

Rice Milk is, not so surprisingly, made of rice. There are no animal products involved, which is an added benefit for some, and no lactose, which is even nicer. Sure there isn’t much protein, as rice milk is mainly carbohydrates strictly speaking, but normally it is fortified with vitamins.

Couple of highlights: it’s pretty much the same price as regular milk. You can have flavored (Vanilla & Chocolate!) and you can buy refrigerated rice milk, and rice milk that will stay in the cupboard for a while, until you open it. Two weeks opened is the average lifespan (same as regular milk, right?)…How often has someone finished the milk for her cereal (moi!) and totally forgotten to replace it so that her significant other is furious in the next morning. You can now store extra milk in the cabinet to be prepared. This is also nice for bakers – since rice milk is an equivalent of milk, you can use it as a substitute in your baking.

I bring this up because while grocery shopping over the weekend, I convinced my sig. ot. to purchase the rice milk instead of skim. Skeptic and cranky at first, just like whenever I mention doing something the Big O is doing, the IM I received this morning:

SigOt: the rice drink wasn’t so bad this morning

Moi: you totally can’t tell right?

SIgOt: yeah it was surprising actually

Moi: good.