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Today in history, Henry Ford made his first operational car – 1896. In honor of dad’s everywhere, I want to share a few perfect father’s day picks that you might want to keep an eye out for, all of them car themed, obviously. After all, Father’s Day is right around the corner. And seriously? Who in your life harassed you more about paying your car excise tax, changing the oil, not ever driving his car and not re-filling the gas tank and helped you through all of your car accidents? Oh Dad.

1.       A gas card. Especially if Dad commutes a long distance.

2.       A travel mug that actually fits in the car cup holders and of course, a coffee gift card (Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are very popular choices).

3.       Sirius Satellite Radio for Cars

4.       iPod Car connector (and an fully-loaded iPod if your dad doesn’t ever turn on the computer)

5.        A year of free car washes! Lots of car washes offer coupons of cards that you can store in the glove compartment

6.       Eddie Bauer Auto Booster Car Seat