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Wedding showers are right around the corner. I wanted to mention a nice addition to your superior gift:  Capri Blue Candles. Just so, so superior.

I have known about these candles for a long time. A close friend once gave me a care package that contained a Capri Blue peeled naval orange scented candle. These candles are incredible. The peeled orange scent is indescribable. This is a great candle for the kitchen or the bathroom, without being heavy or flowery. And they last a respectable amount of time too. For $12.00 you can get a Capri Blue Tin Candle at stores like Anthropoligie. I think a superior candle along with you pile of kitchenware the bride has chosen for her registry adds just adds a little something. Not that pots and pans aren’t fabulous it’s just that they aren’t that much fun to open. This candle smells so good the bridge may try to eat it.