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June 5th is National Gingerbread Day

Okay is it me, or is it totally weird to have National Gingerbread Day (NGD) in June. Shouldn’t this be a fall event? Isn’t that when we think about tasty, spicy, warm gingerbread with a scoop or 4 of nice burnt caramel ice cream?

Regardelss of our superior feeling on the matter. Today is NGD – and I really like Gingerbread. I like it as a cake; I like it as a house. I will eat is as a cookie shaped like a mouse.


Gingerbread makes me happy. It’s not necessarily the simplest of recipes (although, have some perspective, it’s not a wedding cake!) but how much fun is it to decorate a gingerbread man or woman and of course, a house. Children love gingerbread people and houses! I mean, who hasn’t heard, “Can’t catch me. I’m The Gingerbread Man!” And Gingerbread babies can be a great favor for a wedding shower, decorated of course.

If you truly, and I mean truly, love Gingerbread, Philosophy has the perfect holiday gift set for you. They have a gingerbread scented body wash and bubble bath that smells. Exactly. Like. Gingerbread. As in – your children will try to eat this. Guaranteed. Their philosophy for this product: “A Good Man Nourishes your Body and Soul.” While the Gingerbread Man doesn’t feed my stomach, it does moisturize my skin, which is a great thing for a bubble bath to do, and the “comfort” scent, like my grandmother’s kitchen, does soothe my sometimes chaotic soul.” (To buy: http://www.Sephora.com during the holiday season)

For those of us who will stick to eating, thanks, a few recipes and shortcuts to help you through the holiday season. You know, 6 months away?

Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread House KitNo baking–get right to the fun of assembling and decorating your festive gingerbread house. Kit includes pre-baked gingerbread house sections, decorating icing mix, assorted candies for decorating, decorating bags & tip, cardboard base and complete assembling and decorating instructions with great decorating ideas. House measures 5 1/4 in. wide x 4 3/4 in. high x 5 1/2 in. deep.” Technically during the fall and winter seasons you can buy these kits everywhere. Target, Williams Sonoma, Walgreens and even Old Navy has been known to stock them. Some places have the kind where the house is 100% assembled – you just decorate it! However, I can’t find a location that has them available in the summer. Which makes sense, but is also aggravating. Again, why is NGD in June?

As a housewarming gift, gingerbread is very homey and warm and inviting. If you were very creative, you could re-create the house that your friends just bought out of gingerbread and candy. I would LOVE to see pictures if anyone has actually done this and been successful. Talk about a superior gift!