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This morning I was struck with penetrating impulse to google “cute running clothes”.

That’s right. I have been running. Unfortunately I am allergic to pretty much all athletic activity. I have never been athletically inclined or even remotely coordinated enough to participate in serious athletic endeavors. But I do have a dog whose very life depends on getting a 2 mile walk every day (as in, my dog is so wild I have to exhaust his little legs or I would end up throwing him off the roof and cutting my own ears off from the incessant barking).  He is a little angel – he really is – and I love him so much it hurts. But he has to be over-exercised every day if he wants to continue to live rent-free. If you are thinking about getting a dog, be forewarned: Jack Russell’s are like 2 year old triplets on a chocolate-laced speed trip. And apparently they enjoy barking every time a phone rings. Yup.

Okay so the cute running clothes. Exercise is obviously good for everyone.  And I always feel better after a brisk walk with the dog. It definitely clears my head, gives me time to think about stuff. I dig it. The thing about the walking, for me, was that it was almost getting too easy. You can only walk so “fast” before you sort of hit a wall. So 3 days ago, I said to myself. I think I want to “run”. Okay, actually I said to my significant other, “Siggy. I need you to teach me to run tomorrow morning.” Exactly. That’s how athletically stunted I am. My little legs couldn’t seem to figure out this running thing. My little honey was very happy for me until I insisted this run take place early AM. Regardless, off we went and I literally almost died. I had to go very slowly and in case you weren’t aware, running is DEFINITELY not the same as walking. Everything hurt and, hell, I couldn’t breathe. And I am NOT a smoker. Also, I may have had to sit down on the sidewalk in front of our house and lie down for a few minutes after our “run” much to sig ot’s embarrassment. Even the dog looked disgusted with me. I was so distressed, I screamed to sig ot “If you were my trainer I would stab you in your heart.” Romantic, n’est-pas? And to top it all off, we ran maybe half a mile. So sad.

The next morning, we didn’t run together (I can’t actually remember, but it I think we both wanted to sleep in). That afternoon it was just me and the dog for our regular walk (we walk the same routine every day. We like consistency.) But this afternoon I just felt like I had to run. So I very slowly started to run (sig ot said if I ran any slower I would be walking backwards. So sweet, right?). Okay,  but it’s still a light jog, and definitely not walking. I lasted (except for a few stops for the dog) almost the whole 2 miles.  

So here’s when everyone stops reading and says to themselves, “Seriously? Is she handicapped? Have I just read this whole entry to find out that like most humans, she can run? Was she previously crippled by polio?” No. But I really had never ever run before in my life. If someone were chasing me, I would totally just lie down and say, “Take my life now, because I really am not in the mood for a run.” So for me this is huge.

About the cute clothes. Here I am on my running high. Obviously I am a runner now. I called my mom to tell her, I called sig ot, I hugged the dog, etc. When all of a sudden, I turn around and some slender wisp of a girl came running by in the cutest running ensemble with matching hat. No, seriously, it was an ensemble. She was right out of Runners Illustrated (or whatever magazine runner’s read). And I am wearing a grubby t-shirt and basketball shorts about 3 sizes too big. I have never felt so hideous. I felt like a fraudulent runner! Runners always look cute and I was not cute. I pretty much broke my cardinal rule of not going out in public in pajamas or painting clothes. It’s not a superior feeling to be the sloppiest person in public (especially grocery shopping where slop tends to be the average look). For some reason when I am walking the dog I tend to err on the messy side (and I call it “comfy”).

I do think that there are times in your life when you need a baggy t-shirt and stained shorts. For example, moving furniture or painting a wall doesn’t really call for your best, so scrub away. Comfortable casual clothes, for lounging around or walking the dog, does not have to mean messy,a husband’s t-shirt, paint splattered or holey. We all do this from time to time – but why? You can get cheap comfy clothes very easily. I am officially putting an end to this at my house.

So today my mission is to find cute running clothes – and I would welcome any other suggestions if I have missed something.

So far I have:

Fabulous running skirts! Can you imagine? I heart running skirts! First of all, I look much better in a skirt than I do in pants or shorts. Secondly, these are actually kind of cute! One minute you are sipping cocktails with your girlfriends, and the next you are running a marathon! I love it! They aren’t cheap at $48.00 each, although they come with attached briefs and side pockets for an iPod or keys or whatever. Pricey, yes, but I am a runner now. So I need to invest in proper equipment.

I would like to mention that I am in NO WAY advocating that women shouldn’t wear pants or shoes or vote or even cut their hair. I just really like a slenderizing skirt.

Adidas has a version of the skirt (or a “skort” as they aptly describe it) for only $45.00

Adidas also has a really cute “Competition tank”…not that I will be competing. This is also $45.00 – which seems kind of pricey. I hear you can buy Adidas usually at Marshalls or TJ Maxx if you are on the East Coast. Just an FYI.





REI has a large assortment of running clothes for women. They also have lots of sporty athletic stuff if you are into that sort of thing. Dick’s Sporting Goods also has a large selection (and I have been here and survived the experience, so I can recommend it).

Stella McCartney for Adidas Women’s Big Sport Bag, $200, available here. This multi-pocket tote has waterproof pouches for toiletries. This bag is awesome! I didn’t even know that runners got specials handbags! Are you kidding me?! Running is the best sport every! How professional would I look with this bag. Sure I don’t go anywhere to actually run. But it really is a nice bag!

Also having nothing to do with running, Stella has designed this lovely Dance Cover Up Jacket for dancers. I know, I know. But how freaking cute is this! Totally overpriced at $170.00, but I really think I should have this jacket. Love the big collar.