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Some of you may think I work for Target. I sadly do not. Sometimes I think I actually do work at Target, since I am so obsessed with that wonderful store where I can buy everything I need and most certainly do not need at some great prices: clothes, home goods, food (well, packaged food), shoes, toys, books, cameras and everything else under the sun. I even heard that some Targets (not in my state) sell wine. Can you imagine? That to me is a little slice of heaven. I am actually relived that they don’t sell wine here because if they did I would be living in my Target.

Now, I have written about some superior gift suggestions before. Highlights include using the $9.99 Target tote bags (assorted styles) as a SUPERIOR gift bag (and honestly, wrapping paper, tape and ribbons costs almost as much).  I have talked about stocking up on clearance jewelry and head-bands for small gifts throughout the year (birthday’s, congratulations, thank-you’s etc). Always superior of you to have a token present handy.

Today I want to talk to you about The Care Package. Or more aptly, the lost art of the care package.

You actually might not know what a care package is. You probably never sent one and I doubt you have ever received one. Back in the late 90’s, care packages became a national endangered species with the advent of gift cards (from the Latin gifticus cardicus). Back in the day college students would get care packages from family and friends. Mom and dad might include a roll of quarters for laundry, some trail mix and socks. Soldiers may still get care packages, now that I think of it, but mainly because a Starbucks card isn’t kicking it in Iraq.

Care packages are seriously superior presents. Normally they are sent to the recipient for no other reason than to surprise them with a few tokens. Sick people may get a nice care package, which is fabulous, but I also think sometimes it’s nice to give something unexpectedly.

I have a fabulous friend who works a ridiculously stressful job. In fact, during our last phone call she told me that she has lost 10lbs because she has literally no time to eat during the day. She works weekends – all of them and has had to hire dog sitters and house cleaners to run her life. She is at work from anywhere between 4am to 11pm every single day.

Now, yes my friend is very smart, and yes she makes a lot of money so she is lucky she can afford a dog walker. Many of us (moi included) don’t have this luxury.  She knows this. But she is having a hard time figuring out the whole life-work balance and isn’t sure that this is the way to happiness for her, money or not. And until she makes that decision (and after she makes it) I am her friend and I want her to be happy and stick it out. So I am sending a care package.

I know we all have friends (and maybe we are this friend) who desperately could use something to cheer them up. Not because they are seriously ill or lost a loved one, but because their fabulousness level has shot dangerously low. I think this is such a great idea and I know my friend will love it.

Care packages can have themes (Fourth of July?!, birthdays, coffee, Sex & the City) or they can just be a hodgepodge of stuff the recipient might enjoy. Anything goes. Now, my friend is fabulous. She is definitely a Superior person. So her care package has to be fabulous and wonderful. Not just socks and trail mix.

Here’s what I am sending.

First, and here’s where Target comes in: the Cynthia Rowley Beach Tote for only $14.99. If this isn’t the cutest beach bag – adorable. I am also raiding the $1.00 selection of 4th of July beads, headbands, stickers and random accoutrements. Just as filler.

Inside the bag my fab friend will find a funky silver cuff bracelet that I found on clearance at a department store , and had saved for a rainy day. It should add a wee bit of glam to her business suit this summer.

Because she is a working woman in the city, the summer heat is going to wipe her out. I found these superior toilettes from Herban Essentials. The lemon scented toilettes are light, fresh and smell amazing. They are antibacterial and antiseptic. Perfect for after the subway or bus commuter, after a walk in the heat, or just use them to cool down. Sounds weird, but midday at work in the summer, take off your shoes and wipe your feet with these delightful angels. Sounds bizarre, but trust moi, it’s superiorly soothing to your feet. These aren’t cheap (you can purchase them at Whole Foods or online) at $15.00 for a pack of 20. But very posh, just like my friend. Comes in Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus or a MIXED BAG! Love a mixed bag!

A puzzle for her and her hubby to do together. $4.99 for the puzzle and it’s a scene from our hometown. I mean, is that perfect? Plus its an activity that includes her significant other. And I know she doesn’t have time for a puzzle right now, but you never know. Puzzles are therapeutic.

A Starbucks card & a picture of my dog. Because she loves bothJ

Finally – the girl needs to eat. I wanted to be creative in what I sent her. I thought about baking mixes, but she really is too busy. I think I might send a pile of 100 calorie cookies packs. Not because she needs to lose weight, but because they are perfectly proportioned and easy to carry in a purse. But I don’t think this is a superior idea. Any other food alternatives you can think of? Something portable and NO preparation allowed… All ideas welcome!

I would love to hear any other ideas you might have for care packages or stories about receiving care packages. I really want to do something for a Sex & the City theme : movie gift card, Cosmo magazine subscription (since you can’t mail the real thing), microwaveable popcorn and a pair of shoes…sigh…maybe someone will send that to me…