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On June 12, 1839 The Baseball was invented. Yup. Talk about perfect timing for Father’s Day! There are superior baseball gifts out there you can get your baseball loving dad or husband or wife or mother or whoever you want to get a gift for. My significant other loves baseball and even named the dog after a well known field without consulting moi, I assure you.

First of all, tickets are awesome. And for some teams, expensive and hard to get. Yes, if you have the power and money, season tickets to baseball games are superior. You don’t get much better than that. But for the everyday person, there are lots of different options to choose from. Including adopting a dog from a shelter and naming him or her after a prominent field.

Sweatshirts, jackets and baseball hats are obvious choices, and probably never remiss (hats are nice for the summer especially), but let’s try to get creative here, superiorists!

Snapfish has an adorable photo-baseball that’s a cute idea for a coach as well – put the whole team right on there!  For about $20.00 this is a really cute idea!

Uncommon Goods has an awesome baseball cufflink set – and the cufflinks are made from real baseball stadiums! Take a piece of the game to work every day! And honestly? If you are being this generous, get your self the matching earrings while you’re at it. $150-270.00 (not cheap!)

Major League baseball fields tie could also be a homerun if your guy is a real enthusiast of the game.

The baseball wallet – made from real baseball leather is actually one gift that I really think is so cool I might be interested in purchasing one for myself. Especially if world famous athletic coach Louis Vuitton was involved. Alas, he is not, but the wallet is superiorly cute!

Finally, and no one is as shocked as I am, but this Ticket Stub Diary is ridiculously popular and rarely in stock. It’s pretty cool for an avid game-goer (or concert goer). Plus it’s only $12.00 which really is a great price! I posted about this one before, and I stand by every word in heels, no less