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I have a new routine that I want to share with you. I read about this routine on Zen Habits, a website I was already familiar with, and one that my uncle raves about. Because my uncle spoke so highly of this website, I spent some time on it the past few days, cyber-lurking, and some of the Zen Habits articles are pretty interesting and I liked what he had to say overall. I was nervous because sometimes my uncle gets way too philosophical/mushy wushy about things (easy when you have plush income and no children to hold you back – then you can totally go do yoga on the beach at 5am to watch the sunrise and eat only vegan organic food). But Zen Habits isn’t as creepy as I thought (trust me, this is a compliment).

In fact, there were a few key posts that I enjoyed a lot. One of the most interesting posts was his Morning Routine. Now I have to be honest – the idea of getting up at 4:30am is ridiculous to me (I don’t have kids, however, so perhaps if it were my only chance and peace and sanity before my day, I would do it). But the whole get up early thing is not my strong point. I do live by the 15 minute rule – spending 15 minutes in the evening folding blankets, rinsing drinking glasses, setting my alarm, etc. But the mornings are for mass hysteria, fighting with my dog and significant other, rushing around and being a lunatic. I also manage to hit snooze 3 times in the middle of all the action. And my sig ot is truly an ass in the morning. Sorry, but you are really bad and drive me crazy!

I was pretty keen on changing this morning routine and starting my day on a pleasant note (or at least not cursing someone out and forgetting my lunch or sunglasses – new ones, from Target!). I was actually looking forward to a little a.m. alone time to just clear my thoughts and get organized. Plus, there wouldn’t be any stress in the morning if by the time my significant other rose from the dead I was completely ready. The biggest reason to get up early is to exercise in the morning and get it out of the way. I HATE EXERCISING, but I do it, after work and I dread it all day long. Which is so ridiculous, I know. But I figure, if I do it first thing, I can go home and sit on me bum all evening and watch endless Food Network and Bravo shows! YAY!

So here is the new routine:

In the morning

¨  Wake at 5:30am

¨  Start Laundry

¨  Eat a snack and drink water

¨  Take Looney Dog for a run

¨  Feed the dog and prepare breakfast/coffee

¨  Put laundry in dryer

¨  Shower

¨  Get dressed/dry hair

¨  Fix lunches

¨  Wake Sig Ot at 7am

¨  Make the bed & straighten up the bedroom

¨  Make a list of things to do today

¨  Fold Laundry

Evening time

¨  Clean out car so that the car is neat for the next morning

¨  Organize and sort the mail

¨  get your clothes (and other gear) ready

¨  make dinner & lunches for tomorrow

¨  Wash any dishes; fold blankets so that you have a clean house in the a.m.

¨  set your alarm

¨  read yourself to sleep


So far it’s been fabulous for everyone. The dog is happy, my significant other enjoyed juice and an English muffin in bed, and I finished a pile of stuff including my run all before 7:30 in the morning. Superior!