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I want to check in with you all about my new early morning routine.

First, just to clarify, I was making my own English muffin the other morning and figured, since the toaster will toast both at the same time, I would be nice and make sig ot some brekkie too. Rarely am I so superior that I make breakfast in the morning for my sig ot, even though it’s an easy and simple gesture. As close to perfect as I am, I am not there yet people.

So I love my new routine. Okay, it’s definitely not EASY getting up first thing in the morning. It’s hard, especially for me. The dog helps for sure, when I look at him all happy shaking his tush, he’s so happy I am awake, trying to give me a smooch and get me up. He knows what the alarm means for sure, which means it’s hard to snooze. Interesting fact, the alarm wakes the dog up every morning and NOT my significant other!

Once I am up, teeth are brushed and I am tying up my sneakers (oh, and I threw in a load of laundry), I do admit I get a bit of a rush thinking about how virtuous I am to get up so early and take the dog for a run. There is almost no one on the road, and I live off of a major street. It’s fabulous! It’s actually quiet on the street. The people I do see running or walking nod hello as if we are part of a secret club of cool kids, which I admit, I enjoy.

Personally, it’s great to run without a lot of cars and people around. Mainly because I am still beginning to get comfortable running, and I do get a little shy when I think of people watching me from their cars. Yes I’m cute, but I still haven’t gotten myself a running skirt.

When I am done with run, it’s still so early I can take my shower in peace, put the clothes in the dryer, feed the dog, make my lunch, prepare the coffee and then go wake sig ot. Then I still have time to get a few things done around the house, including making the bed and doing the few dishes in the sink!

For me, this really works. First of all, I am an organized, type A, clean person by nature. I get a thrill out of folding laundry the right way and wiping down the coffee table. I can’t help it. So having the time to accomplish these menial tasks first thing in the morning means my evenings are wide open for cocktails and gatherings. Plus, having people over after work is much easier when I already know my house is picked up.

If for no other reason you get up early, just basking in the glow of the jealousy of others should be enough. It has to be said that it is a superior feeling when you are the one organized and on time, calmly waiting for your carpool buddy, reading your already packed novel or magazine, knowing that you have already done the laundry, vacuumed the living room, and ran with the dog for a few miles.

And of course, by the time 9pm rolls around you are totally wiped and passed out asleep. That’s nice too.