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The Jean Skirt

There are lots of things in our closets that we never wear. I think there are definitely quite a few of us who have this problem. Tons of clothes, but you only wear the same 5 things over and over. I am totally guilty of this and I live to organize and purge.

I don’t have to get terribly dressed up for work, which has its ups and downs. I live for the day I will have to wear a power suit to work (I am all for a Dress Code); to me, nothing says success like a J.Crew suit and pearls. I don’t know why it’s J. Crew, but it is. Sometimes I really want to wear my white sweatshirt to work. The same one that I have been known to sleep in on a cold New England evening. If forced to describe to the law my dressing for work style, I would suggest “Casual chic”. I always wear heels because I am petite and they make my legs look longer. I don’t wear hooker shoes (no offense to those in that profession) because it’s not appropriate for the services I provide. But heeled sandals and dress shoes are a must for me.

I could go on for hours on things I love to wear. In particular a grey wool dress from Banana Republic that I bought 2 sizes too big on clearance because it was that fabulous. And this is the reason god invented tailors. I also love a dress I got at Target for $13 on clearance, that fits. My clothes run the gamut.

Here’s where the jean skirt comes into play. I bought my jean skirt at a Banana Republic outlet at least 3 years ago. Then I took it home and didn’t wear it a lot. I didn’t love it – heck, I still don’t love it. But I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.

I wear the skirt at work with cute sandals and a dressier top. I have been known to pair the skirt with a sweater on chillier days.

I wear the skirt on the weekends, running errands or going out for cocktails with the girls. It’s just like wearing jeans, but somehow more chic.

I wear this skirt to the beach, to walk my dog, around the house, doing laundry…pretty much everything. I even wear it in the fall with a cute pair of patterned tights (winter is too cold for me to be honest, but it’s definitely doable).

Even after all these uses and 3 years, the skirt looks great. Because the skirt is jean material it’s very durable and even if it looked faded (it doesn’t), jeans look nice with a fade on them. Plus, I don’t have to wash it after every wear, which makes it a superior traveling item. It packs great, rarely wrinkles, and is just dressy enough for sightseeing in a country where sweat pants aren’t going to kick it (also for churches that insist women don’t wear pants).

So for someone who doesn’t “love” her skirt, I have definitely put the miles into this thing. There is just something superior about a jean skirt. I think anyone will do, and there are lots of options out there. But remember, leave the cargo pockets and ties and ribbons alone. If you want to accessorize a jean skirt, stick to belts and tights (in the fall or winter). No bedazzling the jean skirt!

Ann Taylor Loft (this skirt is a wee bit short for work I think…but other than that it’s super cute!)

Gap’s Pencil Skirt (Very classy and understated.)

Gap Sailor Skirt (Love dark denim! So Slimming! So Superior!)