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There was a fabulous article in the Boston Globe about the art of napping. I was expecting a tongue in cheek approach, but the authors of this handy guide were quite serious about this topic. I can understand; who doesn’t love a nice siesta?

Napping is art. It’s hard to master the ability to have a slight snooze for between 20-45 minutes. The benefits are clear: you will awake rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon. But that’s only if you can convince yourself to actually GET UP off the couch (or wherever) within the allotted time period. I have been known from time to time to turn a cat nap into a luxurious 3 hour sleep coma.

For my day to day life, it’s difficult to squeeze a nap in – my employer frowns about sleeping on the job:) On the weekends I could fit a nap in, but I always feel I could be doing something else with my time on my days off. Although, my snuggly dog really really really adores a long nap after a morning run. He has been known to snooze on the bathmat while I shower in the morning he is so exhausted. There is nothing he would love more than an afternoon siesta under the covers.

Since I have started my new early morning routine, I haven’t felt the urge to snooze in the afternoon, something that I just assumed would happen. When I get sleepy [read: cranky], a snack sometimes helps or an afternoon caffeine jolt (I know I should be drinking more water, I know.) But I am curious about the weekends…will getting up at 7am (I am letting myself snooze for an hour and half more on the weekends) make me sleepier by 3pm on a Sunday afternoon if I don’t have plans?

When vacationing, I always schedule time for an afternoon siesta. Sometimes you need a built in break from the sun and touring (or the rain and cold). It’s nice to cuddle up with a loved one and just lie around in bed in the afternoon (particularly if that bed is in Europe or very close to a beach). Usually this period of time is around 3-6pm, enough time for a snack, nap and shower before cocktails and dinner. Plus, if you are traveling with others, mandatory breaks during the day are 100% mandatory. You will be much less inclined to hate your traveling companions after a snack and a nap. Space can do wonders.

However, for the sleepy superiorists who just can’t fit a nap in his or her afternoon, there are a few superior products one should try out ASAP…

When the summer heat has you wiped out, try one of these toilettes from Herban Essentials. The lemon scented toilettes are light, fresh and smell amazing. They are antibacterial and antiseptic. Perfect for after the subway or bus commuter, after a walk in the heat, or just use them to cool down. Sounds weird, but midday at work in the summer, take off your shoes and wipe your feet with these delightful angels. Sounds bizarre, but trust moi, it’s superiorly soothing to your feet. These aren’t cheap (you can purchase them at Whole Foods or online) at $15.00 for a pack of 20. Comes in Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus or a MIXED BAG! Love a mixed bag!

Depsea Facial Water Mist This probably sounds very odd, but a facial mist is just wonderful. The scent of the mist you prefer, the cooling spray, and just the act of taking a few moments to yourself is heaven. There are other facial mists on the market – and you can easily make your own at home (lemon and water, cucumber and water).

Homedics Dual Kneading Foot Massager (on sale at Macy’s right now!)

Put your foot down. The Homedics dual kneading foot massager is all you need to take the edge off your day. Counter-rotational massage action relieves worn muscles with true “thumb pressure,” while soothing infrared heat provides deep therapy for your weary feet. Select just a massage, or massage and heat combined.” Hello?! For $40 you can slip this baby right under your desk at work and people will be FIGHTING to sit at your chair! There are lots of massage chairs that will do the trick, or massagers for your feet.