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The Best Foods you Aren’t Eating article from the New York Times.

Beets: I happen to personally love beets (especially yellow or golden beets) and  a beet and goat cheese salad is a scrumptious summer meal. Beets are a superior source of folate. The best part of beets is that for $.99 at Whole Foods you can get a can of organic beets. Hello? How easy is that?

Cabbage: honestly, the easiest thing ever to cook! I adore cabbage and normally throw a chunk in a pot of soup. It takes about 5 minutes to cook through (depending on size of chunks) and it’s superiorly filling.

Swiss Chard: leafy green that can also go into soups or stews, mainly served sautéed with olive oil and some seasoning.

Cinnamon supposedly helps control blood sugar and cholesterol. Cinnamon can go in any recipes, on toast with butter and sugar, sprinkled in coffee or tea or on any hot cereal.

Frozen Blueberries: smoothies of course! Blueberries are anti-oxidants and play a role in anti-aging routines. A banana, orange juice, yogurt, and frozen blueberries (maybe a few more ice cubes depending on your taste buds) blended for a few minutes is a superior breakfast treat and will get you started on the right track!

Canned pumpkin: hello! We all know how great pumpkin pie is! Now we know that canned pumpkin is high in fiber and vitamin A. Plus – I read somewhere (and I am completely stealing this idea) that you can substitute the oil in a cupcake/muffin/cake recipe with canned pumpkin (particularly with baking mixes). It’s supposed to add flavor, lessen the fat content and add some healthy kick! Add some cinnamon for a double-health kick.

Sardines. I like them. I don’t buy them, but I will eat them if a restaurant puts them on my Caesar salad.

Here’s the thing. You can probably combine pomegranate juice, dried plums and pumpkin seeds in a nice healthy muffin. Why not? Kill three birds with one tasty muffin? Superior! Throw in some canned pumpkin and cinnamon and call it a superior success.