Can you believe it is already September?

September is a hard month for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s already starting to get dark earlier in the evening. I can already envision leaving work in the dark at 5pm. These last few weeks of seeing the sun as I head home are precious.

Second, children are going back to school. This doesn’t matter if they’re your children or someone else’s children. Traffic during my commute gets insane, and I don’t want to talk about the college kids back in town hogging the lines at Dunkin Donuts. I REALLY can’t talk about that.

Third, the weather and deciding what to wear. It’s already getting chilly in my neck of the woods, which usually means in two weeks it will be 95 degrees out. But for now, mornings are cold, I am already digging up my sweaters, faux pashmina and shoes that cover my freezing toes, but by noon time I am roasting. Or I start of freezing in a summer dress and a light sweater and my boss has the AC on full blast. Not fun.

Trying to get beyond the depressing facts, September is one of my favorite months all year. To be truthful, the weather in September is usually my idea of wonderful for actually getting out in the fresh air. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right for a cute, lightweight jacket. Plus, if you have plans for fitness in your future, this is the BEST month to start a walking, jogging, running regimen. Totally t-shirt and lightweight jogging pants – you aren’t gasping for air in 95 degree weather. You can actually breathe! It’s the perfect time.

Plus, for me at least, September is just the type of month that makes you want to get things done. Fall cleaning, repainting the dining room, cleaning out your closet for all your warmer things (and this is just the list for my significant other!). Apple picking is huge in September (and since I live in New England, it’s a must). It’s a great time for travel deals (especially to cities where August weather might have roasted you). September is the new January 1st!

I am looking forward to posting tons of great tips for the month of September very soon.

September Tip of the Day!

Clean out your closet and donate items to a charity! Tax deductible, good for the environment and a great way to usher in all the new fall clothes! and browse the nonprofit’s 19 different categories (such as “disaster relief” and “environment”), research a charity’s financials, decide where to give, and make a donation.