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I feel so strongly that September is such a great time to reinvent oneself. Let’s face it – for most of us September really is the start of a new year: from grad school students to the parents of school age kids to grandparents. Starting new and better lifestyle habits now will change your life by January 1st (plus, it would be great to look superiorly fabulous for a New Year’s Eve party)!

How to do this on a fitness level? Well there are lots of options. Previously I posted about September being a great month for outdoor activity. Walking, jogging and bike riding are the perfect fall round-up. Just cool enough that you won’t melt from the heat. Seeing the foliage around you, leaves changing color…it’s just a magic time. Of course, joining a gym now is a good start. September means back to school discounts and promotions. Take advantage of these deals – now is the time. Most of these gyms offer yoga, pilates, and aerobic-style exercise classes. I would be willing to bet that your health care package includes a fitness reimbursement and a Weight Watchers reimbursement as well (mine does for sure!).

Something I have heard a lot about lately is the idea of a fitness boot camp. In the Boston area: Ultimate Boot Camp is all the rage and I have heard firsthand accounts of the effectiveness of this routine. Any and all fitness levels are welcome. What a great jumpstart to a new you!

Also, and this sounds cheesy, but fitness DVDs? I love them. So convenient, you can travel with them, super cheap at discount stores (Marshall’s and TJ Maxx in particular for New Englanders). Plus, you aren’t going to get more comfortable than your own home – they are a great way to break into the fitness habit after a long stretch of abstinence. In fact, you can check out fitness DVDs at the library for FREE and THEN go purchase the one you like the best and make it your own. Or if you have a friend or roommate you are comfortable with, make it a small group training session in your living room – the extra support and company will make it a lot of funJ

What should motivate you? Your health? Taking better care of your kids? Looking better than all the other moms on the playground, or all the single ladies at the bar? I mean, hello? What other motivation do you need?