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This is an odd post but I was recently shocked into silence by a group of friends who were not aware of Dryel – the best product for anyone who loves clothes. Period.

Many of us purchase clothing that is “Dry Clean Only”. Sometimes this label isn’t very serious. You can get away with a few careful washes, especially if you hand wash. Sometimes this label should have been a HELL of a lot bigger so the idiot who washed her black pashmina would not have destroyed everything in the wash, but that my friends is a story for another post.

Dryel will change your life. I use this product on average only about twice a month (so that’s about 8 articles of clothing). Primarily I use it for sweaters, pashmina scarves (faux) and dresses that have to be dry-cleaned. 30 minutes in the Dryel bag, with a Dryel cloth and I am on my way. That’s it. It steams your clothes back into a state of wear-ability (important after a night of drinking or smoke filled clubs). Borrow your roomies new DVF wrap dress? Throw it in for 30 minutes and it’s in perfect condition. And it saves on a ton of dry cleaning bills and destroying the environment.

I realize that I sound like I may work for Dryel. I assure you I do not, but if they want to send me some free products I am happy to have them. You really have to try Dryel because it will change your life!