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Hopefully this summer you took a lot of digital photos of exciting things happening. For example, your trip to Sonoma or the dog swimming in the pond. Now of course, you are at work, secretly viewing all these photos thinking to yourself – “I want to share these with friends and family because seriously, my dog may be the cutest creature on the planet”.

Well hello Snapfish. First of all, there are tons of websites online that allow you to upload photos and do awesome things. Snapfish just happens to be one that I use and enjoy and have had great luck with. I love making photo cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, etc. Everything gets a card, usually involving the dog (and, I am ashamed to admit, some type of dog outfit as well).

Why do this? Well, I think superior people realize that their friends and family like getting real mail. I mean, how often do you actually get something other than a bill or a catalog you didn’t want in the first place? It’s nice to say, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I am always thinking of you. Sure not everyone care about my dog, but hopefully it will at least put a smile on their face.

Plus, this is a great time to prepare your Christmas/Hanukah cards ahead of everyone and have them all set and ready to go.