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Welcome to Day 2 of Superior Habitat’s Fall Housekeeping Guide. We are taking this week to follow simple steps to get your house 100% prepared to usher in fall.

A clean kitchen makes life at home a lot more enjoyable. First of all, no one wants to see a dirty, greasy, grimy kitchen. We don’t want to cook there and we certainly don’t want to eat there. Ever been to someone’s house and just thought, “OMG, I totally can’t eat anything here because these people have no standards of cleanliness.” Beyond salmonella poisoning, it’s simply refreshing to wake up to a spotless kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cleared and uncluttered dining space.

These suggestions are from Real Simple, but I have to say, I follow them religiously. I actually printed them out and laminated them a few years back when I lived with roommates, so that everyone would follow the instructions. I keep baking soda in the fridge to keep things looking fresh, I keep an assortment of heavily used items on a tray in the middle of the kitchen table as a display piece (salt and pepper, timer, candles) which helps keep things uncluttered as well.

Soon you will literally be able to eat right off the floorJ

If You Have 15 Minutes:

Clean countertops and the sink. Spray disinfectant in the sink and let it soak. Meanwhile, spritz the counters with disinfectant. Then scrub the sink with a sponge, rinse well, and dry. Return to the counters and wipe dry with a fresh cotton or microfiber cloth.

Sweep or dry-mop the floor. To be honest, I usually just vacuum the whole floor. So much easier and the nozzle on the vacuum helps me reach behind the fridge and stove with ease.

Clean the refrigerator handle. It takes only seconds to wipe down this bacteria-friendly spot with disinfectant.

If You Have 30 Minutes, Add the Following:

Wet-mop the floor. A few spritzes of an all-purpose cleaner and a damp microfiber mop will do the trick.

Wipe down appliances. Clean the surfaces of the gadgets.

If You Have 1 Hour, Add the Following:

Wash the cabinet fronts. Wipe from top to bottom with a soft sponge and a solution of warm water and dish soap. If the cabinets are wood, use a wood cleanser.

If You Have Half a Day, Add the Following:

Deep-clean appliances. To freshen the refrigerator’s interior clean it with a solution of 3 tablespoons baking soda and 4 cups warm water. No self-cleaning oven? Wipe down the inside with an all-purpose cleanser. Use a plastic scraper (or an old credit card) to get bits of food off the racks and drip pan.

Dust and degrime inside and out. Remove crumbs from inside cabinets with a vacuum attachment or a damp cloth.