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Day 4 of Superior Habitat’s Fall Housekeeping Guide (and a reminder that these helpful hints are liberally stolen from www.realsimple.com and peppered with helpful advice from moi!).

No one likes to clean the bathroom. The easiest way to tackle this is assign this room to your significant other, as I do. But if you are stuck cleaning yourself, I gravitate toward Clorox wipes and Windex wipes for the mirrors and just toss in the trash when I am done. Plus really, the bathroom is important. It’s the one room in the house were your guests will be left alone to rummage through anything and everything at their leisure. So hide the prescription deodorant and mustache bleach in a linen closet

If You Have 15 Minutes:

Start with the sink. This is pretty obvious – wipe it down!

Speed-sanitize. Grab another towelette to clean the edge of the bathtub, the toilet seat, and the toilet exterior. Finish up by shining the mirror with the Windex.

If You Have 30 Minutes, Add the Following:

Deep-clean the toilet. Squirt bowl cleaner around the inside edge and let it sit for a few minutes, says Sarah Smock of the Memphis-based cleaning service Merry Maids. While it’s soaking, use a wipe or a fresh cloth and all-purpose cleaner to clean the seat around its base and hinges. Return to the bowl and give stubborn rings a scrubbing with a sponge or a brush.

If You Have 1 Hour, Add the Following:

Damp-mop the floor. My bathroom is small. I simply vacuum the floors and then take some spray cleaner, get on my hands and knees and just rub the floors. It does the trick and really? it totally takes total 10 minutes max.

Scrub down the shower and the tub. Spray the shower walls and the tub with all-purpose cleaner and just let it hang out for a while. Rinse when you have time or before you hop in the shower yourself.

If You Have Half a Day, Add the Following:

Remove mildew, mold, and other stubborn bits. For lime scale–laden shower doors(and this is my own tip) clean them with coke (the soda not the drug) products – seriously. The coke will eat away at the grime and can just be rinsed off. To dislodge mildew and mold, apply hydrogen peroxide straight from the bottle (wear rubber gloves to protect your hands). Let it soak in for five minutes, and then scrub with a grout brush.Good to know that black grime in your tiles is bacteria – you have to remove it before you belate the area. Ask a professional – it has to be REMOVED before you bleach!