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Monday night was positively lovely. I had a great 5 mile run with my girlfriends. The weather was very mild (for February in New England) and time flew by. I was super hungry during the run but part of my goals is to cut back on the massive amounts of snacking that I do. I probably could have used a little bit more fuel for the 5 miles, but I managed to survive with only a little bit of whining.

On my way home, I stopped a Whole Foods for a small grocery run. I am trying super hard to stay away from processed foods and refined sugars. This is so hard – essentially it means no more granola bars and 100-calorie packs of cookies. I had thought a head and made a shopping list and a menu of what I wanted to eat, because I knew grocery shopping hungry was a dangerous idea. I had even went on the Weight Watcher website and did a few searches to make sure I wasn’t about to buy super high-point foods.

I ended up with a fabulous assortment of food, albeit more canned food than I intended. For dinner, I ended up heating up a can of vegetable soup just to take the edge off (half for dinner, saved the other half for tonight) – after all I had finished my 5 miler and was starvingJ

For my dinner, I made a salad of Boston lettuce, tuna, black beans, ½ a super ripe avocado, and grape tomatoes, halved. It was fresh and terribly good. The avocado was just the most perfect level of ripeness. I didn’t even need dressing for the salad. Plus I made leftovers for today’s lunch.

For dessert, and to make sure I was eating enough calories, I had 1/3 cup of Fage 0% yogurt with a teaspoon honey, blueberries and bananas. It was almost like having ice-cream.