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There are lots of ideas floating around about how to make your day a little bit more special. One of the top ways that I have read about is making your bed. Studies have been done showing that making your bed tends to start your day on a bright note, and organized path.  So simple, really, and nice to come home to!

I have a few more ideas that I love:

1. Be early. Always. I am still working on this, but I think it shows a lot of respect for your meeting, dinner with friends, whatever. Plus, you can’t tell me it’s not so much less stressful to be early for things!

2. Pack yourself a really nice lunch. Throw in a candy bar.

3. Call your mom or your dad (or both) for no reason.

4. Volunteer. Not even hard-core volunteerism. Offer to help a co-worker on a project, or pick up something for a busy friend. Babysit your niece and nephew.

5. Call up an old friend.

6. Bake cookies for your coworkers.

7. Get up 30 minutes early and make breakfast for someone in your family.

8. Learn something new. I am a huge fan or word a day calendars in French. I learn a new French vocab word with the flip of a page.

9. Send a card to a friend. I actually buy tons of post cards from various places and send them randomly to far away friends. Cheaper to mail then cards, and you don’t have to write a novella on them – there just isn’t room.

10. Keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge. It just feels nice to go home and see a bottle in your fridge. You’ll have to trust me. Sometimes, celebrating a Tuesday night just because it’s Tuesday, is awesome.