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I have decided to post some of my daily eats as a check in for myself. I offer them for anyone who does Weight Watchers and is looking for meal ideas. I love, for some bizarre reason, to know what people like to eat. I am totally open to food suggestions too so feel free to comment. Blogs are how I learned about Arnold Sandwich Thins – and now I can’t live without them!

Not interested? Not surprised! Feel free to skip around to another superior post!

Early Morning

½ arnold sandwich flat w/ jam and fat free ricotta – 2


1/2 packet(s) cooked flavored oatmeal 1.5

Cut up strawberries and banana– 1.5


tuna sandwich on sandwich thin with slice of Swiss cheese- 3.5

3  cup(s) light microwave-popped popcorn 1

1/2 medium banana(s) 1


1  piece(s) Light string cheese 1

1  small pear(s) 1


Banana yogurt 1


Tortilla wrap – 2

Egg -1

Veggis sausage – 1

Cheese – 1

Carrots and salsa – 1

Yogurt, fruit and honey – 2.5

22.5 points or so (I may be off a point or 2 officially)