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March 5th Fuel

I love Friday’s. Friday’s are my official rest day. Normally, I run super long runs on Saturday mornings, so Friday’s I have absolutely no workouts. Not even relaxing yoga. Plus, I get to eat a little bit more than normal to fuel for my Saturday runs.

Personally, I struggle with balancing quantity and quality on Fridays. I need to eat more, because I need a lot of fuel (and then some) on Saturdays, however I don’t want to splurge so much that I feel sluggish. I will definitely be hungrier than normal on Sunday (day after a 20 miler for me is killer). So I rather save some extra calories/points for Sunday when I can relax.

Alright long runners…what do you nosh on the night before a killer run?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Strawberries & Bananas cut up 1
Kind bar – Almond & Coconut (DELISH) 4
1/2 packet(s) instant oatmeal 1.5
Subtotal 6.5
Tuna Sandwich 3.5
1 oz Pirate’s Booty (Special treat! Love this stuff) 3
1  small pear 1
Subtotal 7.5
Afternoon Snack
¼ c. Get Fit granola, ¼c. 0% fage yogurt, strawberries & banana 3.5
Subtotal 3.5
Cheese pizza 6
½ cup light ice cream 3
Special K cereal w/rice milk 2.5
Food POINTS 29