Spring is on its way! I know, I know, too soon to start shouting about it, but I can feel it. It was gorgeous in Boston today – almost 55 degrees and a cloudless sky.

When the weather is this nice, especially in New England, you really have to get out and take advantage. Sunny skies and warm weather is such a great combination.  I love the idea that soon the winter coats are going into hibernation and all my cute spring clothes get rotated in…

I posted earlier today about keeping a spare pair of sneakers at work – today is a perfect reason why. You can slip on your sneakers and go for a walk outside during your lunch break and use the time and exercise to just clear your head. I love walking with my co-workers and catching up on what happened this weekend. It’s also nice to walk by yourself and just relax. Or even grab an iced coffee. Just a 30 minute walk can cover a solid mile and a half. That’s a nice chunk of exercise to break up the day.

What’s your favorite outdoor spring activity?