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Ten Things that Make Life That Much Better.


Keeping a pen and a small notebook in the glove compartment. Hopefully you’ll never use it, but I can’t count the times I was glad I had a pen and paper in the car.

Never let your gas tank get below ½ full. Ever been super late and realize that you don’t have enough gas and are going to have to stop somewhere? Exactly. This will never happen to you again.


Always keep a frozen meal in the freezer at home (and at work) for the days you either forgot lunch or just can’t cook dinner.

Put a load of laundry in your washer before work. When you get home put it in the dryer and by the time dinner is ready your clothes will be too. Your laundry will never get out of hand. Promise.


Keep spare, cheap sneakers at work for beautiful days, so you can walk during your lunch. You’ll feel better for the rest of the day.

Keep thank you cards at work for people who do you favors. You will brighten their day by dropping a note of thanks on real paper. Much more meaningful than just an email.


One really nice tote bag with shoulder handles that can hold everything you need for a day, without looking sloppy. Mine is a solid black bag I purchased for $29.99 at Target. Looks way more expensive. It has separate holders for keys, cell, pens, odds and ends, my laptop, papers, wallet, and small umbrella. It’s the ultimate bag.

A manicure/pedicure. Even a cheap every other week. You will feel so much better with colored toes and clean fingernails (even if just a clear coat is all you can handle). Taking the 45 minutes to treat yourself like this can save your sanity.

Real Life:

Set up an account on Amazon.com, enter all your close friends and family’s names and addresses and save your credit card information. While this sounds frivolous, my amazon.com account has saved birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays more times than I can count. You can buy everything on amazon.com, but a book is a classic, thoughtful gift for any occasion.

A bottle of champagne in the fridge. Sometimes a Wednesday just needs to be celebrated. Good news at work? Cleaned the house from top to bottom? Someone stop by to chat for a bit after work? Running out to a dinner party at friends and not sure what to bring? Champagne always works. You can have it before dinner, during or after.

What are you best hints to making your life easier?