September is here…sharpened pencils, bright, waxy crayons and sheets of lined paper await students across the globe as the last days of summer heat linger in an air mixed with falling leaves. You can almost smell the warm sweaters.

I love September.

For me, September means the start of a new year. Maybe not officially, but lots of people use September as a blank slate to start a new project. When you’re younger, each new school year is a new project, and a blank slate. As an adult we can still choose to make September a fresh start.

I am working on 3 things this fall, my back to school projects if you will.

First, I am going to be writing more on this blog; I have a ton of great ideas to share with you all and I am going to try to post every day.

Second, I am going to work on becoming a better, stronger runner and get my rear back in shape (it’s been a lazy, margarita-filled summer folks). I am on the look out for a used bike too to incorporate some biking in there…

Third, I am going to try to make September a generally happier month for myself, and for people around me. Simple things like sending cards to far away friends, hosting a few wine tastings at my house, organizing some group outings for apple picking and just longer walks in the evening with my dog.

These are my September goals – what are you planning to do to make this “school” year a good one?