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This post is a repeat from 2008, but I think it’s a good idea for September and just getting organized in general…

This should not take very long. Empty everything in your purse our on the dining room table or your bed (hopefully, your made up bed). Take a damp facecloth and wipe your bag thoroughly inside and out (I mean, not if your bag is a $2400 leather “allergic to water” bag). Carefully pick through the pile of stuff you have accumulated and really question whether you need all of this stuff in your purse. Throw away unnecessary receipts, business cards, junk mail, crumpled tissues or makeup just wandering around.

I posted before about an intriguing article on how a disorganized wallet can wreak havoc on your financial life. Some of it is pretty obvious – okay most of it – but I think it brings up an interesting topic. Messy receipts, random dollar bills folded this way and that and store discount cards everywhere? Sound familiar? Start September off right – keep your bag streamlined and meticulous. It will change your life. This is a super small step that will go a long way. I mean, we carry our bags everywhere with us – sometimes we forget how much our living habits trickle down into the handbag. And when it does dawn on you, it’s like a reawakening. You feel so much better buying an iced coffee with fresh dollar bills you didn’t have to scrounge around for – not to mention returning those mugs at TJ Maxx with a receipt you knew exactly where to find.

I make it a point to keep my wallet as organized as possible. And as an extension of that, my handbag too. I keep a wallet, my phone, and two small Vera Bradley make up cases. That’s it. One case is all my makeup and in the other case are some necessities I can’t part with (hair elastics, tissues, tampons, a small sewing kit, and mini-toothbrush and toothpaste.) Sounds like a lot, but not if it’s all mini-sized and tucked in a cute bag. This makes it so much easier to change handbags, as well, let me tell you. As for my wallet, I always separate the receipts from my actual cash. And I don’t have discount savings cards. If I need the discount I ask the cashier and tell her I left my card at home. It works every single time.

A couple of products you might want to try to keep as organized as possible:

Coach Wallet (excellent for endurance, strength and organizing capabilities) Style and color should be to your own taste, of course.

Moleskine Folder for Receipts and paper documents fabulous idea for keep your receipts and tickets organized and it fits into a small purse or even better a glove compartment. You can also store the discount store cards here (if you must).

Walker Bags to keep your purse organized the most successful and organized business woman I know (think Harvard, MBA and serious money) swears by these bags.